​Two groups that typically spend their time competing for the most-likely-to screw-over-a-homeowner title -- a bank and a condominium association -- are now fighting each other in court over an empty condo. 

SunTrust Forecloses on Condo, Then Doesn't Pay Bills, Court Filing Claims

This odd story starts around the beginning of the year, right after SunTrust foreclosed on a condo in a Margate complex. 

According to the Atlantic Palms Condominium Association, this also means that the bank now owns the vacant unit -- and is, by default, a member of the association.

Thing is, condo owners have to pay the association dues -- for common expenses like road and roof upkeep and property taxes -- but SunTrust hasn't done that for almost seven months, Atlantic claims in a Broward County Civil Court filing. 

So, a bank that took somebody's home because of "delinquent" mortgage payments might itself be delinquent.

Atlantic claims that SunTrust owes some $4,200 in back fees, and it looks like the association could really use the moolah. The association has filed a lien to get its money. 

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