All about the Benjamins.
All about the Benjamins.

SunTrust Forecloses on Condo, Then Doesn't Pay Bills, Court Filing Claims

​Two groups that typically spend their time competing for the most-likely-to screw-over-a-homeowner title -- a bank and a condominium association -- are now fighting each other in court over an empty condo. 

This odd story starts around the beginning of the year, right after SunTrust foreclosed on a condo in a Margate complex. 

According to the Atlantic Palms Condominium Association, this also means that the bank now owns the vacant unit -- and is, by default, a member of the association.

Thing is, condo owners have to pay the association dues -- for common expenses like road and roof upkeep and property taxes -- but SunTrust hasn't done that for almost seven months, Atlantic claims in a Broward County Civil Court filing. 

So, a bank that took somebody's home because of "delinquent" mortgage payments might itself be delinquent.

Atlantic claims that SunTrust owes some $4,200 in back fees, and it looks like the association could really use the moolah. The association has filed a lien to get its money. 

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