Wild Art: Rick Scott's inauguration yesterday (Lisa Macci/Facebook)
Wild Art: Rick Scott's inauguration yesterday (Lisa Macci/Facebook)

Super Bowl Tax Is Anti-American

-- After the post on Sheriff Al Lamberti's taking of liberties with official Super Bowl credentials to get his son into the game, the South Florida Times has come out with a report on a "secret" Super Bowl detail that involved more deputies who provided security for the big game -- and were paid thousands in overtime (1.5x pay) on top of it while taking vacation days from their jobs at BSO. UPDATE: One source tells me that one deputy, a girlfriend of one of Lamberti's favorite officers, was put on the detail to guard the wife of Peyton Manning. My sources say that sheriff's brass is scrambling to find leaks and get to the bottom of the entire Super Bowl fiasco.  

Furthering the Super Bowl theme, now the Sentinel reports that the Dolphins are trying to get a share of Broward County tourist tax money to help it renovate its stadium (i.e., give it a roof) so that the NFL will choose it for more Super Bowl games in the future.

Parkland Mayor Mike Udine, who is rumored to be headed for a run for County Commission in 2012, also railed against the idea. "It's insanity," he said. "It's almost asinine for a government to give money to a private enterprise at this time of cutbacks. And there is no way that the NFL is not going to play Super Bowls in South Florida. South Florida has everything the NFL wants. They'll be back."

Fortunately Broward Mayor Sue Gunzburger seems very skeptical of the idea as well (though Nikki Grossman is cheerleading for it). A reader sent me an email a dentist in Plantation sent to Mayor Gunzburger about the idea. Read it inside.


The letter:

Hello Mayor Gunzburger,

I am writing this letter to you to ask you for your help to get the county to pay for the renovation of my dental practice. I will use the same argument that the Dolphins are using for their needs of public financing. I generate sales taxes, property taxes and tourism taxes through my pediatric dental practice albeit not at the scale that the Dolphins representatives are detailing. We serve the community in a much more important role than some professional sports stadium will ever! We provide necessary basic health care to thousands of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade and Caribbean children. I will ask the Mayors of those counties and countries as well for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Its time that billionaire owners of sports franchises start acting like the rest of us professional business owners who do not receive aid from any government entity and that is to pass those costs on to the ticket holders, after all they are the ones benefiting the most. It amazes me that these billionaires will cry "socialism" only when the socialism doesn't help them, just ask our long time Ft Lauderdale buddy Autonation CEO Mr. Michael Jackson when the government bailed out GM and Chrysler, that was ok, but mandating Health care through Obamacare (of which I dont agree with either, but the argument is convienient) that was heresy and SOCIALISM and that is verbatim from Mr. Jackson!!! My advice to you Mrs Mayor is I would tell Mr Ross to go into his own pocket...cause that is what you are going to tell me!!!


Dr. Jason Hirsch
Plantation, Florida


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