Suspect in 2004 Pompano Murder Found

Jorge "Angel" Villamizar-Ayala, wanted in the November 2004 slaying of Bianca Sierra in Pompano Beach, was arrested Friday in Brownsville, Texas, after a television viewer phoned police with the tip. Here's the news release from Broward Sheriff's Office:

Bianca Sierra's young son and daughter were the ones who found her body. Her boyfriend had fractured her skull with a sledge hammer, left her body in the bed they shared and took off in her car. Detectives found her Mazda five days later in Jacksonville, but Jorge Villamizar-Ayala seemed to have disappeared.

But an America's Most Wanted viewer recently called in a tip about Villamizar-Ayala's location, and authorities tracked him down Friday night to Brownsville, Texas and arrested him at 10:35 p.m. as he walked out of Camino Del Rio Pentecostal Church. Villamizar-Ayala gave the U.S. Marshals who arrested him a fake name, but fingerprints proved they had the right man.

Here's the page America's Most Wanted kept on Villamizar-Ayala. He's been extradited to Florida and has been a guest of BSO's jail since yesterday afternoon.

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