Swank Caron Rehab Center in Delray Sued for Allegedly False Advertising

If you're going to drop $100,000 on rehab, the place better live up to its plush promises of personal chefs and nutritionists. It'd also be nice to come out of the place not addicted to whatever vice drove you there, but there are no guarantees in life.

Scott Dickenson of Atlanta has sued the Caron Foundation of Florida in Delray Beach on grounds that the place provided few of the services it advertised, lied to lure him in, and then swindled him out of a whopping $102,000 for an eight-week-long stay.

The Ocean Drive course of treatment that Dickenson signed up for was supposed to house patients in a "private residence just steps from the ocean, and included programs such as life coaching, executive leadership development, stress management, nutrition, and a variety of other amenities such as in-house chief and nutritionist," according to the suit, which was released by Court House News Sevice.

But at check-in, Dickenson signed a boilerplate contract that "contains unconscionable provisions" and was then treated like any other detoxing plebeian, the lawsuit claims.

It's unclear whether Dickenson actually got clean from the time he spent at the place. The suit focuses only on breach of contract and fraudulently inducing Dickenson into staying at the place.

South Florida is loaded with over-the-top treatment centers that cater to the white-collar crowd. Caron's Ocean Drive program seems among the most privileged and pricey, as Dickenson was forking over more than $12,000 a week to stay at the place.

A Caron spokeswoman based at the headquarters in Pennsylvania wasn't immediately available for comment. We'll update when we hear back.

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