Sylvia Poitier, in Her Own Words (Subtitles Not Included)

That's video, courtesy Chaz Stevens, of the special meeting last night in Deerfield Beach where commissioners discussed the weekend's meltdown at the Mango Festival, which was canceled after promoters failed to pay for the sound crew.

On the left is Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, ranting and raving incomprehensibly (subtitles, please?) about parks director George Edmunds and other city staff who she says ruined the festival. On the right is

her nemesis, Commissioner Bill Ganz, who led the effort to defeat Poitier's request for the Mango Festival do-over. In the middle of the fray, wearing a navy-blue top, is Mayor Peggy Noland, who starts looking for a Broward sheriff's deputy to haul off Poitier around 5:50.

Quote of the night from Ganz, who said of Poitier and the Mango organizers, "Either you people are clueless, you're liars, or you're thieves. You take your pick."

Juice spoke with Ganz and Noland earlier this morning to get their thoughts on last night's chaotic meeting.

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