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Take You Out To The Ballpark

Told you I was going to see the Marlins this weekend and I didn't lie. Happened to go to Saturday night's game just because that was the only one I could schedule in with the fam. It was a great one. The crowd wasn't huge, but it was decent (27,000 allegedly). It was a beautiful night and brought back the feeling of watching the Marlins win two championships.

I'm not one to shill for anything, especially a team owned by Jeffrey Loria, who basically spit in our faces before the year began. But miracles happen -- and one did in this case. So it's time to get out to the game. The air is charged with playoff hopes and this team is not only very good, but a lot of fun. And they need you now more than ever.

(Also, that guy in that picture with Cabrera is pitching again tonight. I heard he did pretty good last time out).

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