"Taking Care of Mommy After a Butt Lift": Plastic Surgeon's Video Aimed at Kids

So... This being Florida, of course it was only a matter of time before a plastic surgeon enlisted a child, a home video camera, and a YouTube account to create an advertisement for butt lifts that is aimed at children.

Miami doctor Constantino Mendieta's video features a lil' dude called "The Kid Doctor" in his first episode telling kids all they need to know about "Taking Care of Mommy after a Butt Lift."

Some of the dialogue: "It's your job to make sure mom follows the recovery plan ... No sitting for the first week. After week two, use a pillow to sit... Pick up your toys so she doesn't have to. In fact, always pick up your toys, but I don't like to -- I have a nanny."

"Your mom will have to wear a supportive garment."

"The quicker she heals, the quicker you can go back to being a be a pain in the [beep]."

So any kid who makes it past the first mention of their mom's butt cells will get the messages: that a woman's natural body is unacceptable and must be altered, and that if you act like a spoiled brat, some people will reward it as being cute. Uggggh.

To be fair, Dr. Mendieta's knife skills are reportedly better than his marketing ones -- In response to the video, one Facebook user declared, "Dr Mendieta is the Best he did my implants in 1999!"

Here's the video:

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