Tamara Strulovici
Tamara Strulovici
Broward Sheriff's Office

Tamara Strulovici Gets Probation After Asking for a Divorce With a Knife to Husband's Throat

Tamara Strulovici may have set the benchmark for the term "ugly divorce," which included holding a steak knife to her husband's throat during her demand.

Strulovici, now 53, came up behind her husband in their Tamarac home in May 2009 and put the steak knife to his neck, demanding he sign divorce papers and the deed to their house.

Prosecutors dropped the attempted-murder charge yesterday, and as part of a plea agreement, Strulovici pleaded no contest to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, giving her three years' probation.

Broward Circuit Judge Sandra Perlman also ordered her not to have contact with James Little -- her husband -- who now lives out of the state.

Through a Russian interpreter, Strulovici told the Associated Press she wasn't sure if she was still married to Little.

Word to the wise: Don't mess with this lady at a steak house. Or anywhere else, really.

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