Tampa Man Arrested After Disrupting a Flight by Being a Total Jerk

A Tampa man was arrested after authorities say he disturbed passengers and crew on a Silver Airways flight to Key West by being a total jerk.

Richard Alan Calderoni, 50, who is reportedly a managing member of GI Entertainment & Restaurant Group, was cuffed and taken into custody by deputies and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on Saturday.

Passengers cheered when Calderoni was led away.

According to authorities, Calderoni was basically that one inconsiderate asshole you always get stuck with on flights who is loud, insufferable, inconsiderate, and abusive.

Only Calderoni's actions seemed to be nonstop. He was loud and abusive while the plane was in midflight, allegedly using abusive language toward passengers and crew.

He also refused to turn off his electronic devices when asked to by flight attendants.

As if to prove that his obnoxiousness knew no bounds, Calderoni then stretched out his legs into the aisle on purpose to block a female flight attendant from walking through. When she looked at him to let her by, he allegedly made a sexual gesture at her.

Authorities say the pilot considered turning the flight around but decided to call them instead. Why ruin everyone else's travels because of one douchebag's actions?

When the plane arrived at the tarmac, authorities were waiting to take Calderoni away.

As his fellow passenger's cheered, Calderoni was cuffed and led away.

He faces a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

According to Monroe County jail records, he was released Saturday night after posting $328 bail.

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