Targeting Citizen Lozman

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He got another taste of what he believes was intimidation last Wednesday evening. This time a friend was arrested after a protest at City Hall instead of Lozman. After the activist and several other marina denizens protested racism at the marina at a commission meeting, a friend and hired hand of Lozman's named John Logan was apprehended by police at a nearby convenience store.

Logan, who is black, a product of the rough streets of Riviera, had gone to the convenience store to buy cigarettes before he planned to address the commission. He says that outside the store, a female police officer named J. Thornton accused him of loitering.

"She said she had been watching me cause trouble for 19 minutes at City Hall," the 40-year-old Logan told me later. "Then a friend of mine became a little belligerent with her, and she put handcuffs on us."

The officer searched his pockets and claimed she found a small amount of marijuana on him. Logan disputes that the marijuana was his, but either way, the arrest for marijuana possession and trespassing seems to fit the pattern of harassment that has been plaguing Lozman for the past 18 months.

And now we know the city means it.

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