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Tarra Coppola Tried To Assault Boyfriend with a Fishing Pole, According to Police

Looks like Palm Bay cops may have foiled another possible Lorena Bobbitt situation (she's the lady that cut her husband's dong off and threw it out her car window into a field). 30-year old Tarra Coppola was taken into custody after allegedly chasing her boyfriend with a fishing pole and a knife in a mad frenzy.

Coppola turned out to be a regular Richard Kimble as cops had to use the Brevard County sheriff's helicopter and police dogs to find her after she fled.

Coppola was released last night on community supervision and ordered to stay away from her boyfriend. She will go before a judge on August 30 for a hearing on the charge of aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony.

Police were called to the 700 block of Atlantis Road on Tuesday night after a caller described an "out of control" woman chasing her boyfriend while clutching a knife and several other objects, according to reports.
According to police, Tarra's boyfriend ran into the woods and hid there as she chased him with, as the witness said, "a knife and several other objects." No word on what set Coppola off and made her grab pretty much whatever random shit was within reach to try and allegedly assault her boyfriend with. But apparently a knife alone wasn't going to do the trick. This guy needed the unbridled justice of a $7 fishing pole from Walmart!

Coppola's boyfriend better heed police and keep his distance, if he knows what's good for him. Lest he wants to be bludgeoned with a cat, or perhaps an old shoe, or an abandoned tire.

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