Taylor Chapman, Dunkin' Donuts Hater, Says She's A Stripper

In one of the strangest and most free-wheeling interviews in the last month, Taylor Chapman, who obtained internet notoriety two weeks ago after delivering a racist and profane tirade at Dunkin' Donuts, admitted several things to New Times this afternoon in her first public interview.

One, she says she's stripped at every gentlemen's club in Broward County including Cheetah, Pink Pony, and Scarlett's.

(A manager at Scarlett's told New Times they have no record of Chapman stripping at their club; the other two establishments couldn't immediately confirm the veracity of Chapman's claim.)

Two, she says she's been arrested under the Baker Act three times for exhibiting mental disturbance. One of the incidents, she says, involved her running naked down the streets through Fort Lauderdale.

Three, she says she's a diagnosed psychopath.

And four, she's considering applying to Harvard Law School, and finds her chances of admittance quite good.

At the risk of missing any of the Chapmanian jewels, we've edited our own questions, but have kept her answers intact.

What happened that day at Dunkin' Donuts?

I understand the ramifications, and if I get sniped in the head, whatever. If you would have heard [the Dunkin Donuts employee] the day before you wouldn't have believed it. That bitch screamed at me for 30 minutes and, of course, when I had the camera out [the next day], she didn't say a word. But [before] she had a shit-ton to say to me. She said come back tomorrow for the receipt, and she was still being rude to me. Just out-of-the-world rude to me. They were calling her all of these name and they wanted me to go back in there and handle it. And it was Rob's (?) idea. He called her a sand nigger and he uses it all the time. He uses it every day. I learned it from him.

In Indiana and Kentucky no one says that. I'm from Evansville. I went to an Evangelical school and I had the worst case of ADHD in the entire world. And for one second, I got off my meds and now the whole world wants to snipe me. I get continuous death threats. People want to snipe me and blow up my house. More than two dozen death threats. So do you think you're a good person? Have you been unfairly treated?

Yes. I mean, I want to build schools in Africa, so Africa doesn't have to die of AIDS. I want good things out of people and none of that was broadcast anywhere. I'm a sweet, amazing person. I'm far from a racist. That's not who I am deep down as a person. I'm a very kind-hearted individual. This has been very difficult.

I'm from a town where it's just black and white people and I'm one of the only people to leave. I'm used to only black and white, not all of these different languages and I can't understand what you're saying and I come here every single day, and she came at me like a bitch, and I should not have flipped out like that at all. And I went to the hospital immediately after that and went to Broward General, and they said I was having heart palpitations.

Do you think you should leave South Florida?

I'm not leaving down here I'm not hiding and I'm not running away. I've thought about changing my name, but I love my name. My family thinks I need to move back up there and move into that fucking house in the middle of fucking nowhere with nothing to do. It's absolutely miserable up there. I get fat. I have to stay inside all day long. And then it's winter and I like the beach and I like being away from my family.

So how do you make money down here?

I work at a few different strip clubs and I can make quick cash every night. It's just completely dances I just do dancing. I haven't leaked that out once. It's time for the world to know. I've been to every single club in Fort Lauderdale. My name was Ally at one point. Another one was Chale. I make five or six hundred dollars a night and I can't get a job because of this bullshit. It's the only thing I can do now... I go to Cheetah in Pompano. Cheetah in West Palm Beach. Pink pony. Scarlett's.

What's your mental history?

I've been Baker acted in three times. Once by my mother. Once by Nova [Southeastern University,] and once by [my boyfriend's] Sean's family. That was the third time. I was diagnosed with psychotic and bipolar disorder... I've been to rehab three times to try and correct this disability.

What comes next?

I'm thinking about Harvard Law School through the American disability act. I can't deal with all of this harassment here. It's the best school in the nation. I've already talked to them I can definitely get in. I've talked to the admissions counselor.

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