Taylor Chapman, Most Hated Person On The Internet, Gets Fired

Ending a wild week of vitriol, in which Taylor Chapman became the most hated person on the Internet, she has been fired from her marketing position, according to a statement released by her former company at 1:30 a.m. this morning.

PowerSales Team, which is based in Fort Lauderdale and has directed Chapman to represent several local businesses in hilariously boring videos, uploaded to its website one more starring Chapman late last night.

But this video -- if it's authentic -- is the strangest one yet.

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First, the company posted this rather benign, but direct message declaring Chapman's termination:

We have previously employed Taylor Chapman as a Video spokesperson in the past. But due to her racist viral video rant on two Dunkin' Donuts employees and the large amount of complaint calls and public outcry to our website. We have made an official statement regarding the status of Taylor Chapman with our organization.

We will no longer employ her for any future video spokesperson positions. Her behavior was disgusting and foul to say the least, and we do not work with anyone who displays such toxic rhetoric as we have seen Ms. Chapman do on her video.

But then, an additional video was uploaded, which is chilling, vile, and goes further to publicly demonize Taylor Chapman than what would be normal American business etiquette at the time of someone's termination:

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