Taylor Chapman's Former Employer: "She Wasn't Like That When She Was Hired"

And just like that -- poof -- she's gone.

Taylor Chapman has gone into deep hiding, possibly to avoid the radioactive fallout that may occur after she nuclearly strikes Dunkin Donuts from Mars and pays them back for forgetting her receipt.

But glimpses of her former life continue to emerge.

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The local woman's former company, Comfort Care Medical Equipment & Uniforms in Belleview, expressed astonishment at the apparent metamorphosis of their former marketing director.

An employee there, who declined to give her name, related a message from the company's owner: "The young lady who was hired here was in a right state of mind at the time of hire. But something -- between then and now -- has happened to her. She wasn't like that when she was hired, and now she doesn't have any relation with our company."

She doesn't appear to have much relationship with anyone at the moment. Her online presence -- Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn -- have all vanished, leaving behind troubling questions as to what drove this apparently normal young woman over the brink, rearing someone who has become quite possibly the most hated person on the Internet.

Others have suffered, too, because of Chapman's racist and profane tirade she unleashed upon Dunkin' Donuts.

"We're upset," said the employee at the medical equipment firm, adding that "irate" people have deluged their phone lines. "This has gotten back to us, and we're just a small business in a small town. She's caused quite the mess here."

When she was the company's marketing director, the employee New Times spoke with described Chapman as "nice" and a "very good" with customer service. "She was always polite, smiley, and bubbly. We don't know what happened."

Since her time with Comfort Care two years ago, several hilariously boring videos involving Chapman and Chinese food, auto repair shops and -- yes -- Ludacris have emerged on Youtube. She's also engaged to a criminal.

So there's that.

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