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Tea Partiers Cancel Their Health Insurance to Protest Obamacare

Everett Wilkinson, Palm Beach Gardens' Tea Party czar, does not want Obamacare, nor its birth control coverage.

Wilkinson, the Chairman of the National Liberty Federation (formerly the South Florida Tea Party), told the New Times that he dropped his health insurance Jan. 1 because of rate increases.

"I don't need birth control, I don't need free mammary exams," Wilkinson said. "We don't need a drug plan."

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The Facebook page for Wilkinson's Tea Party group has more than 700 "guests" who are attending the event "I WILL NOT COMPLY WITH OBAMACARE." The NLF also has a petition form and a Twitter hashtag: #iwillnotcomply

Still, those who are uninsured past the March 31 open enrollment deadline will have to pay a fine, which is either one percent of your yearly household income or $95 per person ($47.50 for each child under 18), whichever is higher.

Wilkinson has other plans.

"I'm not going to pay anything," he said. "I certainly won't pay for it if I don't want it, it's downright un-American."

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