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Tea Party Outdoes Rick Scott -- Unveils Prewritten Faxes to Send Wasserman Schultz

Remember how old-school Gov. Rick Scott was when he asked his supporters to send out prewritten letters about himself to newspapers around the state? Well, he has been outdone by the South Florida Tea Party, which is embracing the height of 1980s telecommunications technology -- the fax.

That's right, the South Florida Tea Party is asking that you fax-bomb the office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in light of her "cowardly attacks and insults" against Rep. Allen West.

To make things even better, the South Florida Tea Party still believes "death panels" are a real concept and blames them on her in their preprepared facsimile.


The fax is part of the new URL they released -- debbiegonewild.com -- which actually just directs you to a page on the Tea Party website.

They evidently brought the JV squad from the graphic design department, as evidenced by this Picasso that's used as the logo for "Debbie Gone Wild."

Regardless, here's the fax they'll stamp your name on and you can blindly send to Wasserman Schultz's office:

Dear Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz:

Your recent actions in Congress have made you notorious and define you as an out of control wild person. I find your cowardly attack on Congressman Allen West unjustified, vile and unbefitting a member of the United States Congress. You need to immediately apologize to Congressman West and all Members of Congress for your comments.

Our country is facing massive job losses and a downward spiralling economy that can be traced directly to your support of the failed "Bailout and Stimulus Bills." Please start supporting legislation that supports free markets and creates jobs. In addition, stop supporting Obamacare that strips Seniors of over $400 Billion in Medicare Benefits and creates "death panels." Start representing your constituents and stop representing special interests!

The good part, though, is that you can actually edit the fax before you send it, in case you feel like making your own Mad Libs out of it.

To answer the burning question -- no, despite the name, there are no boobs on "Debbie Gone Wild."

"Steadfast and Loyal,"

The Pulp.

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