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Tea Party Team Fights Obama, MoveOn on Health Care

If the website is any indication, the group of conservative folks who organized the local version of the nationwide "tea parties" have become emboldened by the turnouts they've drawn. Now they are fighting Obama's plan to move toward nationalized health care. If they have their way, they'll become the

Already, local blogger/Sarah Palin supporter Daria DiGiovanni and friends showed up to protest at Congressman Robert Wexler's office July 2 (they called it the "Healthcare Freedom Rally"). This coming Thursday. July 9, they plan a showdown with MoveOn members who may show up at senators' local offices around the country.  There's a MoveOn rally and counter-protest scheduled at Sen. Bill Nelson's West Palm Beach office, for example. 

What's funny is, last time we talked to her, local tea party organizer Lauren O'Brien was collecting Medicaid. 

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Deirdra Funcheon