Tea Party Trying to Weasel Its Way Out of Paying the Bill for Donald Trump Rally

We're not sure what's more laughable -- the fact that the South Florida Tea Party can't keep up on its bills for a Donald Trump rally they held in Boca Raton, or the fact that they held a rally for The Donald to begin with.

The city has sent invoices for the $6,145 the Tea Party owes for barricades set up and police security, but they haven't been paid since the April rally.

Even better, the Tea Party would stick Boca Raton with the bill if they don't pay it -- so those real "fiscal conservatives" would be causing government spending. Whoops.

Boca Raton Assistant City Manager Mike Woika told the Sun-Sentinel that the Tea Party had agreed to pay the barricade company, Bob's Barricades, to block off Sanborn Square, but never did.

The city sent the invoices -- $3,052 for the barricades and $3,093 for cops -- to the Tea Party, but apparently those "personal responsibility" virtues haven't kicked in for them yet.

South Florida Tea Party Chairman Everett Wilkinson told the Sun-Sentinel, "We're working on paying them."

Uh huh.

Woika says if the Tea Party doesn't pay up, the city will have to dip into its budget for the $6,145, and likely won't pursue legal action.

At least they held a circus for a guy that almost ran for president.

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