Tebow Finds Cocaine in a Suitcase at Orlando Airport; Unfortunately, Tebow Is a Dog

If Florida's rivers were to fill with molten gold tomorrow and a rainbow of cotton candy stretched from Key West to Gainesville over herds of running unicorns, we'd probably all think Tim Tebow did it.

At least, that's what one could deduce from the wild cheers the Denver Broncos quarterback and former University of Florida player managed to provoke in October from locals who should have been cheering for the Dolphins.

Now Tebow has scored another divine victory: He sniffed out a suitcase full of cocaine in Orlando International Airport. Oh wait, that was a dog.

Canine police pal "Tebow" apparently took interest in a suitcase that was hauled off the luggage carousel by Weslie Morales Castro, age 20. The suitcase had arrived on an AirTran flight from San Juan, checked in by a passenger who never boarded the plane.

The Smoking Gun covers the charges, with a copy of the criminal complaint. Tebow may or may not have taken a knee before he signaled the "odor of illegal narcotics" inside the suitcase.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Morales Castro was "acting nervously" when he was apprehended. Investigators found a kilo of coke inside the bag.

Castro told investigators he was "just a little fish" and was willing to cooperate with investigators. He was later released from jail on a $25,000 bond.

Stefan Kamph is a New Times staff writer.
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