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Technical Difficulties: Elderly Senate Candidate Adjusts Antennae on His YouTube

Here's a quandary: What do you do if you announce your candidacy for higher office, but nobody reports it? (Or at least nobody besides Juice?) If you're Bob Smith, former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire now semi-retired in Sarasota, you sorta pretend you never made the first announcement, then... make the announcement again!

Maybe this time you more aggressively circulate the announcement. Media outlets that failed to pick it up the first time around can pretend that it's just happened. And... jackpot!

Besides that story, the Herald finally picked up on it. Smith got brief mention this morning on South Florida's National Public Radio station, WLRN. Even USA Today and the New York Times got into the act.

The whole thing's given me a wicked case of deja vu, and honestly I can hardly remember how I learned of Smith's candidacy the first time around. I think it was this video, from April 7, which sadly hasn't quite attracted more than 300 views, of which I personally account for several.

To keep the lead on this slow-breaking story, Juice is now the first news outlet to report that Smith will step aside in his Senate campaign to endorse the frontrunner, Charlie Crist / Marco Rubio. It hasn't happened yet, but when it does, you heard it here first.

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Thomas Francis