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Ten Best Miami Pro Athlete Twitter Feeds to Follow

Celebrity tweets can be an incoherent mess, or they can be 140 characters of dull insipid nothingness.

This is especially true for pro athletes, most of whom hold their personalities in check and never venture outside their comfort zones to show their human side.

Most pro athlete tweets are horrible.

But there are some that are actually fun to follow -- particularly locally. From the Dolphins to the Marlins to your NBA champion Heat, there are plenty of players who have fun, engaging Twitters.

Here are the ten best Miami pro athlete Twitter feeds to follow:

10. Richie Incognito, guard, Miami Dolphins

Existential musings about death by shark and quoting Anchorman lines is all about it.

9. Cameron Wake, defensive end, Miami Dolphins

We have no idea what that first one means. Walking is expensive? Better save up if you're gonna walk. Like set aside some extra walking money, just in case. It all makes sense when you think about it.

Either way... you gotta love Wake's Twitter because he hates the Jets and the Patriots just as much as you do.

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