Ten Best Miami Pro Athlete Twitter Feeds to Follow

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4. Chris Bosh, center/forward, Miami Heat

Chris Bosh might be the most centered star athlete you'll ever follow on Twitter. His feed has him being a jokester and a clown. But it also features stuff like this, where you feel like Bosh is just as comfortable taking in world cultures as he is dunking a basketball.

3. LeBron James, forward, Miami Heat

LeBron James has come a long way from when he first hit the pro sports scene. His persona seemed manufactured and carefully sculpted. But since joining the Heat, the greatest basketball player in the world has shown his many sides on Twitter. Whether he's being silly, or working out, or sharing his moments with his fiance (now wife), or venting about the "haters," LeBron is never boring.

Think about all the great super star athletes: Tiger, Jordan, Jeter -- all great, but all boring.

LeBron, not so much

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