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Ten Places In Broward That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

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5. Broward College 
3501 Davie Rd,
(954) 201-6800

If your plan in 2016 is to go back to school — whether it be to finish a degree, or add to your existing education — then Broward College Online is the best bang for your buck. BCC has the lowest rates per credit hour in the state, and offers various programs that can be done mostly online if you're unable to escape the chaos that is your day-to-day real life. 

4. Deerfield Beach 
200 NE 21st Ave,
(954) 480-4407

Lots of people make it a point to spend more time with their family in the upcoming year, by why not double-up and make it a point to spend more time with the family at the beach in 2016? Any beach can do, but Deerfield is an especially fantastic family friendly beach that has ample parking and the least fuss of any beach in Broward County. Instead of watching that show tonight, or letting your wife take the kids to the mall for the one-hundredth time this year — head out the beach and make a day of it. 

3. Financial Advisors 
210 N University Dr #401
(954) 575-6250

If you're getting to the point where you're a full fledged adult that needs to start figuring out the best ways to put some change away for the future, it might be time to actually take the step beyond saving actual change in your pockets from your Publix runs. A financial advisor like the ones at the Ameriprise Financial (address and number listed above) can keep it real with you, and set up ways that money will actually be taken out of your checks and put aside for a rainy day. In 2016 it's time to come to grips with the fact that maybe you can't do it all on your own. 

2. Mizner Park
327 Plaza Real,
(561) 362-0606

In 2016 you want to spend less time on Facebook or watching TV, so you're going to need more places to go and get out of the house — why not Mizner Park? Okay, so this is Palm Beach County officially, but is is so damn close.....Not everything at Mizner is about fancy-expensive-luxurious stuff, — it's also a really nice place to kick back with a friend or your family and..wait for! Remember talking? It's like using your thumbs, but with your mouth! 

1. Goodwill
1099 E Oakland Park Blvd.
(954) 390-0147

Stop hoarding in 2016! It's time to clean out all that crap from your closet and garage and get more organized — but don't throw that stuff on the curb — donate it to Goodwill. You can claim it on your taxes and it would be doing something nice for someone, so you'd be basically killing so many resolution-birds with one stone it almost doesn't make sense not to give things away.
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