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Ten Times Richie Incognito Has Acted Like a Jackass

On Sunday, Richie Incognito finally broke his silence, post bullying-gate, when he sat down with good pal Jay Glazer of Fox Sports for an exclusive interview.

Glazer lobbed softball after softball and allowed Incognito a chance to tell his side of the story, which included revealing that he and Jonathan Martin had exchanged 1,142 texts over the last year that kind of hinted at proof that Incognito and Martin exchanged nasty texts as jokes. Incognito supporters took this as vindication for their guy. The texts jokey, you see. Which totally makes it cool for Incognito to call Martin a "half-n**ger" and threaten to kill him.

Fair point, we suppose. Except that, as mentioned above, Glazer is a good friend of Incognito, and the interview felt more like a PR move than a revealing exposé.

Then there's this: All the times throughout the years Incognito has acted like a jackass.

Sure, it's not 1,142 texts... but it is proof that Incognito has always been an awful human person. Here now, are 10 times Richie Incognito acted like an asshole:

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