Don't call him Marathon Man.
Don't call him Marathon Man.

Tennis Player John Isner Hopes to Shed Reputation as "Marathon Man"

Breaking sports records is something anybody can be proud to accomplish.

But John Isner tells the Palm Beach Post he doesn't want to be known as the guy who competed in a marathon tennis match. Isner's Wimbledon win last summer earned him the label of tennis' "Marathon Man" for a game that lasted more than 11 hours over the course of three days. 

He and Nicolas Mahut were passing fuzzy balls to one another for almost half a day. Add in the profuse sweating and hearty grunts and you may as well be talking about a whole 'nother ball game, boys. The

25-year-old Isner, who will be competing in the International Tennis Championships in Delray Beach February 18-22, admitted the match isn't what he wants to be known for.

"Yeah, it did get a little tiresome talking about what myself and Nicolas did that day -- or those three days, I should say," Isner told the Palm Beach Post

Well, it's all good. We're sure you'll set some new records in the Delray tournament.

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