Tennis Star Jennifer Capriati's Ten Most Overdramatic Tweets About Ex-Boyfriend (Whom She Allegedly Beat)

We all have at least one crazy girlfriend/boyfriend lurking somewhere in the not-so-distant past. Likely there were wild arguments involving broken plates, email snooping, and accusations of philandering.

The one consolation?

She wasn't Jennifer Capriati -- the world's craziest ex-girlfriend.

(Except for that one blond from Fatal Attraction. That ho nuts.)

Yesterday, the fallen tennis star who won 14 singles tournament champions and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame last year, was ordered to face charges of stalking and battery of her ex boyfriend.

A sampling of the alleged antics:

  • She sent 283 text messages to ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannon in one week.
  • She punched him four times while he worked out.
  • She called Brannon's business 50 times in one day.
  • She pounded on the windows at Brannon's business.
  • She took his phone and sunglasses.
  • She harassed him in a Publix parking lot.

Capriati angry! Capriati smash!

Fortunately, there's more. Lest there was any doubt in anyone's minds, Capriati also loves Twitter.


So here are our favorite ten:

10. I MET SOMEONE!!!! Jennifer

9. OMG I LURVE HIm Jennifer

8. I Think Thoughts Jennifer

7. Explaining Why She Cray Jennifer

6. Who dat ho he with? Jennifer

5. Hurt Jennifer

4. Smashing His Windows Jennifer

3. We're All Fucked Jennifer


1. I Always Hated Your Mom Anyway Jennifer

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