Tenth Amendment Center: Allen West Deserves a Grand Total of Zero Redistricting Help

On a scale of one to ten, the Florida Tenth Amendment Center says Rep. Allen West deserves zero special treatment in the redistricting process.

As we've been covering, the Broward GOP has been fighting hard against the redistricting proposals, asking that its supporters help "save" West and beg the reapportionment committees to change it up in their favor.

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center, however, says West doesn't deserve "ANY" (all-caps is theirs) special consideration, because they don't think he's done the greatest job at upholding the Constitution while he's been running his mouth on Fox News in Congress.

Andrew Nappi, director of the Florida Tenth Amendment Center, sent his own open letter to government officials involved in the redistricting process, making some sadly hilarious points about West's time in office.

"We vehemently oppose ANY special consideration to protect Congressman Allen West in the redistricting process," Nappi writes. "Congressman West has shown that as a Congressman, he is unable to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution of the United States."

Nappi specifically points out West's support, and vote, for the National Defense Authorization Act -- ya know, the one that turns any American into a terrorist at the government's will.

"For someone whose campaign was little more than 'I will oppose Obama,' when it comes to the individual liberty and due process protections for Americans, Rep. West has shown Mr. Obama less opposition than Alcee Hastings," Nappi continues. "Rep. Hastings had the presence of mind to vote NO on this abomination."

(That was the sadly hilarious part.)

At the end of the letter, Nappi makes it clear that it's not just West who shouldn't be given special treatment; it's just his supporters sounding desperate about it -- Nappi doesn't want anyone who voted in favor of the NDAA to stick around.

"I urge you in the name of LIBERTY to do nothing to protect Allen West's re-election chances," he writes. "Mr. West and all those in the Florida delegation who voted AYE for NDAA have forteited their right to serve in favor of a choice to subjugate their constituents."

On a related note, shortly after we pointed out yesterday that the Broward GOP wanted West's own neighborhood taken out of his proposed district, he's reportedly house-hunting in Boca Raton.

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