Terry Jackson, Miami Herald Journo

I was told this morning that Miami Herald veteran Terry Jackson had died of cancer, and worked a bit on a post about it. What I wrote consisted of paragraphs like this:

"Jackson, married to the Herald's Marjie Lambert, came to Florida from California -- where he worked for the Sacramento Bee -- in 1992. A former TV critic, he recently served as deputy features editor and also wrote a car column for Bankrate.com."

I even had quotes from a previous co-worker and friend, Chuck Strouse, including this one:

"You come in on Saturday and he'd be day slot and you'd have to cover some carnival or something and he'd throw you a set of keys and say,'Take my car.' Then you'd suddenly be driving a fine-ass convertible across the Causeway."

But I still didn't think it would quite do it justice so I held it.

Boy was I right. Here's a link to Glenn Garvin's wonderful obit on an obviously wonderful guy.


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