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Terry Stiles Mobilizes Troops Against Amendment 4

Fort Lauderdale superbuilder Terry Stiles is getting antsy about Amendment 4, the measure on November's ballot that would require comprehensive land use changes to be approved by voters rather than puppets -- I mean politicians.

After the jump, you can read his missive urging employers to coerce -- I mean convert -- their workers to oppose Amendment 4. It's a brainwashing -- I mean mobilization --- effort.

But first, I want to give you someone who looks like the most unhappy politician I've ever seen:



That's Broward School Board candidate Laurie Rich Levinson, and I swear this isn't some kind of quick gotcha screen catch; it was her prolonged expression right after being introduced by Issues host Helen Ferre on last week's episode of Issues on Channel 2. She was on with her opponent, Phyllis Hope, who wasn't exactly light and jaunty, but at least she never sneered. Laurie, you gotta smile, babe.

Inside are Stiles' marching orders. Hup two three, defeat democracy.

Subject: Message from Terry Stiles - Next Steps to Defeat Amendment 4
Importance: High

Dear Broward Workshop Members:

We are less than 56 days until Election Day and every action we take from this point on is critical to the success of this campaign. We need to work fast and take important measures to mobilize our employees and convert each one of them into a campaign advocate. To help accomplish this, we ask that you complete the following two steps: 1. send the campaign Industry Mobilization Email (attached) to your employees and 2. hold a company-wide "Town Hall" meeting.

The first of these steps, the Industry Mobilization CEO Email, is the simplest. We have crafted the attached sample letter for you to personalize and send to your employees this week. This letter not only speaks to the campaign issues, but also provides ways in which your employees can stay informed about Amendment 4 and spread the word within their peer groups and families.

In this letter, your employees will be asked to visit www.noamendment4.com and fill out the Industry Advocate form. 

This information will be kept private and used only to educate your employees on Amendment 4. Once they are registered, they will occasionally receive e-mails from Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy asking them to take a few simple steps to share important information about Amendment 4 with friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues.

The second measure I ask of you today is to host a company-wide "Town Hall" meeting to explain Amendment 4 and emphasize the importance of voting NO with your employees. Taking the time to personally educate your employees on the campaign issues and explaining the main message points can be the most effective way to transform them into advocates. Having held a similar Town Hall meeting here at Stiles, we have seen first-hand the positive impact this can have and are available to assist you with the planning and execution of your own meeting. This could include a PowerPoint presentation and speaker if necessary.

Thank you for taking these next critical steps as we move closer to Election Day.


Terry Stiles


Thank you for that announcement, Terry. I thought it was enough that the workshop was pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight the amendment. It might be a little tough for one of those employees who actually believes in grassroots democracy. Wonder if there will be any government committee hearings for those who are un-American enough to cross the line and vote against their employer. 

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