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Texting and Driving Ban Begins Tuesday

You may want to get all that texting while driving out of your system today because, come tomorrow, it's going to be illegal in Florida.


The law, which passed the House and Senate in April, will allow texting while a vehicle is stopped, texting while at a red light, or voice-command texting. Gov. Rick Scott signed it into law in May.

But actual texting while driving will be verboten.

You'll also be allowed to look at your phone if you're searching for an address, or using your GPS.

Legislation to ban texting and driving in Florida has been filed every year since 2008.

"Last year when I stood here, we were one of only six states that had nothing on the books. This year, we're one of only five states," Sen. Nancy Detert told the Orlando Sun-Sentinel back in April.

"We lose about 11 teens a day [nationally] thanks to texting while driving," she added.

Well, now the ban is officially here.

Of course, enforcing it will be an entirely different challenge.

Cops won't be able to pull you over just because they saw you texting and driving. A person will have had to be pulled over for some other road violation to be cited. Which means, if you crash and the cause of that crash was because you texted that you are LMAFO at that cat .Gif your buddy sent you, then yea, the cops can give you a ticket.

Basically, it'll be a secondary offense.

Also, don't ever text "LMFAO" in any situation. Nothing is ever so funny that your butt fell off and you needed to risk your life and the lives of others to text your friend about it.

The ticket for texting and driving would be $30, plus court costs.

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