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Texts From Last Night, Broward vs Palm Beach

This website posts actual text messages from people who share an area code -- your area code. Which means we can finally settle the argument over whether Broward or Palm Beach has more freaks. Whatcha got, Broward?

(954): Dude, I don't think I'll ever be able to find a girl for me...
(1-954): Is this the gay conversation?
Supportive friends -- a theme we'll explore later. Here's a lady who gets points for mystery:
(954): You know you have a problem when you walk into your bathroom find kettle one in your shower and a note you wrote yourself when drunk that says "panties at jared leto's" on your counter.
Funny, but lacking a creep factor...
(954): You ever start fucking a girl and realize she kinda looks like your mom?
There it is! After the jump, Palm Beach takes its shot.

Yes, Palm Beach. Let's start with some spirited debate.

(561): You drink too much
(1-561): No, I drink just the right amount - too often.
From half-assed interventions to half-assed stabs at romance:
(561): I am going to give you the keys to my place
(1-561): Then I'll give you the keys to my heart
(561): Gag me
But the ladies of Palm Beach are masters in the art of text. They can cruel...
(561): This dress was meant to end up on your floor
...or merely inquisitive.
(561): on a scale of one to ten, how awkward would it i told him i had to go change my tampon and then left?
(914): 11
But in a close contest, Palm Beach wins the border war on the strength of this abbreviated conversation, which has mystery, intrigue and a happy ending.
(813): I can't find my pants or my car
(813): I didn't even hookup I think I took them off at taco bell...
(561): ha omg I always lose my dignity at taco bell as well... so no big deal.

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