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That's the Spirit: Miramar Airline Launches Another Sex-Rated Ad Campaign

Spirit Air wants you to use your internet connection to check out some MUFF -- that is, its "Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares." What other muffs are there?

In fact, judging by the advertisement above, the Miramar-based airline encourages you to physically lunge for its low fares. To be a MUFF diver, if you will.

Hey wait! Isn't that a T-shirt? Of course it is. And of course Spirit relishes an opportunity to engage in double entendre, having found that it leads to controversy (read: free advertising). Surely, you remember the Arbor Day "Treesome" promotion. How about the one where Spirit bragged about losing its virginity? And who can forget the classic MILF ad that caused a ruckus last year?

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Thomas Francis