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The $11 Billion Man

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"These huge judgments do seem to be mostly symbolic," McWilliams says. "Collecting money from spammers has proven much more difficult than catching them."

Besides, there's always personal bankruptcy.

For his part, McCalla says he's taking one day at a time. He's going to clear his name, he says. He just needs to find a lawyer willing to take his case. And for now, he's trusting in his Christian faith.

"I do my best not to think about the whole thing," McCalla says. "That way, I don't get down as much. But most of my family and friends know about the judgment. Every once in a while, they'll call me and say, 'Hey, James, we're praying for you. This is something that's happening in your life, and it's going to pass. It's a lesson, something that the Lord is trying to teach you for farther down the road.' But it's hard. How would you feel if you had an $11 billion judgment against you? One thing I'm afraid of is, let's say I do start making some money and one day I wake up and my bank account is frozen. Somebody has a judgment against me, and they can get money out of me whenever they want.

"This has caused a lot of negative publicity for me," he continues. "It has defamed my name. Because of them, when you looked up my name on the Internet, I'm the biggest spammer in the world based on this court case. I hate to even see what my name looks like on the Internet now."

But for McCalla, life must go on. He has changed careers and seems to have a knack for being the middle man. He has joined the ranks of a profession only marginally more respected than spamming.

McCalla is now a real estate agent.

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