The Apocalypse Cometh?

The Sun-Sentinel's lead story was reprinted from the Miami Herald and written by a staff reporter who was recently announced to have been laid off and won't be working for either newspaper.    And it's about Miss Cleo coming out as a lesbian.  A story broken by the Advocate in 2006.

Two years ago you would have thought this was some bizarre dream. Now it's just another day in South Florida journalism.

In other news, the SunSentinel stole a story from JAABlog and actually cited the website.

Oh, no, wait, they actually didn't.  

And back to the Cleo story, the Palm Beach Post also got into the act. You know I hate this story-sharing thing and so should you. It's not only going to cost reporters their jobs but it also makes surfing the local newspaper sites redundant as hell.

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