The Case of the West Palm Stripper With Killer Shoes

It's been a rough few weeks for working women. First Sasha Grey came to town and started blabbing about feminism. Then hooker ads got kicked off Craigslist. Now a local stripper is being sued for kicking a customer in the face.

Michael Ireland has filed suit in Palm Beach County Circuit Court alleging that last September, he was sitting in the Cheetah club in West Palm Beach when a stripper named Sakeena Shageer "spun around and struck [him] in the face with her shoe," according to the Palm Beach Post.

It's not clear whether Ireland was sitting at the bar and Shageer was dancing on it, as strippers are wont to do, or whether this was a case of a leg gone wild. Ireland's lawyer, Lake Lytall III, couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

But the Post reported that "Ireland suffered broken bones around his eye and in his nose and now has permanent double vision." 

All of which leads to an important life lesson. There are some things one should never do at a strip club. 1) Eat the food. 2) Hit on the bartender. 3) Get in the way of a dancer's shoes.

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