The Cigarette That Lets You Reenact Every Scene From Mad Men

I don't mean to turn this blog into an issue of Cigarette Aficionado, but an area smoker who agrees with my Obama idea just told me about a Sunrise-based company selling an electronic cigarette that you can smoke anywhere. Airplanes! Restaurants! Day care centers! Gas stations! Elevators! In bed, post-coital, even if your lover has a bronchial disorder!

That's because while this electronic cigarette looks and tastes like an actual cigarette and gives the same fix of yummy nicotine, there's no tobacco, carbon monoxide, tar, or foul-smelling smoke. Rather, it gives off a vapor. Like a genie lamp!

What? You don't think it's a legit company? Hello! It has a kiosk in the Sawgrass Mills mall. (Here it is pictured from every conceivable angle.)

Not too shabby! And for those who still have their doubts, it sure looks like the product has won over this cool cat. (That could be you!)

-- Thomas Francis

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