It's still a dream, Heat fans.
It's still a dream, Heat fans.
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The Daily LeBron: It's a Complete Clusterf&$#

Twelve more hours till the stroke of midnight signals a feeding frenzy of NBA execs. They all want LeBron James. And if not him, then Dwyane Wade. And if not him, then Chris Bosh. And on and on.

As if it's not already complicated enough, another megastar, Carmelo Anthony, may be dangled as trade bait by his Denver Nuggets. The Dallas Mavericks are suddenly

a dark horse in the race for LeBron. But the New Jersey Nets have cleared more salary, meaning they're moving up. Finally, in what feels like a retro trend, the Cleveland Cavaliers are suddenly gaining momentum. All this, despite the fact that the Chicago Bulls and your Miami Heat still seem to offer the most attractive destination to LeBron and Bosh, who tellingly is concerned mainly about "winning" at his next team. Oh, and now Dan LeBatard is reporting (on Twitter, natch) that Bosh to the Heat is "already done."

ESPN was all atwitter with reports of a "free agent summit" with Wade hosting LeBron and Bosh in Miami to discuss the trio playing in South Florida, but now the Herald is contradicting that report, saying that Wade was actually in Chicago last weekend, leading to concerns that maybe Wade isn't positive he's going to re-sign with the Heat after all.

We have accumulated a ton of information, but it all seems to point in different directions. Bottom line: We don't know shit.


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