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The Dobbs-ter Now Plotting in West Palm

That's the post-CNN Lou Dobbs from last night's episode of the Daily Show, which means he's still lingering near the Big Apple. But judging by the interview that he gave to

gossip queen Cindy Adams

in today's

New York Post

, Dobbs is looking forward to the end of this junket so that he can head to...

"West Palm Beach. To relax and breathe deeply. Also to assess my next step."

"Relax" is the word that jumps out at me -- did Dobbs have some health problems? Clearly, he spent a lot of energy fulminating at American immigration policy and Barack Obama. But the rest of the column offers no more clues -- just maddeningly elliptical quotes from Dobbs.

Like the rest of America-loving Americans, we Juicers have been worried about the big guy getting blown by the winds of change. Looks like he'll keep us in suspense for a while. Here's hoping inspiration strikes in West Palm.

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