The Dolphins Will Play In 'LandShark Stadium.' Really?

So they're thinking of calling Dolphin Stadium "LandShark Stadium" after the lager. We can apparently blame Jimmy Buffett for this, as we can so so many other things that have gone wrong with this world.

I was a wee child when I first heard the term land shark. It was a Saturday Night Live skit, which, thanks to the wonders of modern technology is reproduced below:  

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"Land shark, cleverest species of them all."

The point here is that they're turning the stadium into a joke. I think it will cost the Dolphins two games next season if it goes through and the Hurricanes one. Those aren't scientific predictions, mind you, but they're the best estimates I can make up on the spot.  

Hey, it was a funny skit. 

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Bob Norman
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