The Eight Most Basic Places in Broward County

Broward is a basic bitch's wet dream. Also known as white-girl paradise, it's where hipsterdom and pretension are left at the county line. Here you can find a strip club in a strip mall and endless chains of chain restaurants. For the most part, instead of pop-up shops, there are places like the Anne Taylor Factory Store. Rather than food trucks serving artisanal grilled cheeses on brioche, there are entire Cheesecake Factories.

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And although we've just made it sound like a suburban mom's heaven on Earth, Broward's also a place where shutter shades graze many a sunburned face and the Smirnoff Ice flows like slightly alcoholic water. It is, after all, sometimes abbreviated to BroCo for a reason.

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Allie Conti was a fellow at Miami New Times and a staff writer for New Times Broward-Palm Beach, where her writing won awards from the Florida Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists. She's now the senior staff writer at Vice and a contributor to the New York Times, New York Magazine, and the Atlantic.