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The Entire State of Florida Is Going to Jail For Tax Evasion

Monday is the last day to file your taxes. Have you filed them? Probably not. Because, according to a report, Floridians are filing slower than usual this year.

This could be a mistake, Plantation spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service, Mike Dobzinski says. Because last-minute crunch-time filings mean more errors, which might mean less saving or less money back into your pockets.

Also, jail.

Many Floridians, Dobzinski says, fail to recognize things like the general sales tax deduction that is available to Floridians, which was extended by Congress this year.

"Almost a third of Floridians miss this deduction," Dobzinski says.

There are also new tax forms and requirements this year that may mess with our heads.

For example, if you need to report capital gain and loss transactions, you can do it with the new, excitingly-named the 8949 form.

Also, students and parents can now claim credits for college expenses. There's the American Opportunity tax credit that gives up to $2,500 a year.


There are plenty of things to look into and learn about before filing. But Dobzinski breaks it down to five common mistakes that you need to be aware of:

Dobzinski said the top five mistakes are:

Incorrect or missing Social Security numbers.

Incorrect tax entered based on taxable income and filing status.

Errors in figuring such things as taxable income, estimated tax payments or the Earned Income Credit or the child care credit. Some taxpayers forget to include the required correct identification numbers for child care providers, Dobzinski said.

Withholding and estimated tax payments entered on the wrong line.

Math errors, both addition and subtraction.

So, with the 15th a mere weekend away, it's time to get your crap together, find a competent accountant (or a reliable online source) and file them taxes.


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