The Fall of Mayor Joy Cooper

This sublime example of the hidden chair trick was today posted on My Acts of Sedition. In it, you see Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper fall on her derriere, as she puts it. Cooper used no such euphemism when she actually fell to the floor, but I think we can all excuse the expletive under the circumstances.

What's so priceless about it is that you can see Vice Mayor Bill Julian set her up for the fall, unintentionally we're sure. He clearly moves her chair. The aide standing behind her also has an hilarious reaction (and tries to hide it behind her raised hand).

Don't worry; Cooper was fine.

Inside after the jump, get a taste of fire-breathing Cooper City Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi in another video defending her backing of criminal background checks for candidates. You know, that terrible idea that blew up in her face. Suffice it to say that somebody needs a Valium. You can also hear John Sims on the tape call Mayor Debby Eisinger a "disgrace."

I love you, Cooper City.



The Dolphins could have used that kind of vicious offense last night.

Well, actually Miami's offense was damned good. So was its defense. I hate to say it, but last night's loss comes down to play-calling, particularly late in the game. I know this in part because I was wagering (with a friend) on the game, and that makes my analysis extraordinarlly keen.

You know when they lost that game (not to mention the spread)? It was on that second down and goal after Henne connected to Hartline late in the third quarter.

Somebody get this post to Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning: When you are second and goal at the two, run the damned wildcat. Twice, even three times if you need it. Because you're going to score six points 90 percent of the time that way. Instead, he threw twice, and they had to settle for a field goal.

You have two excellent running backs, and that is exactly the time to use them. You could make the same argument in the last series of the game, when Miami came up just short. Should have run it at least once in those four downs. You had the time.  

Also: More Ricky, less Ronnie. Ronnie is good. Ricky is Hall of Fame material. Don't forget that. I know he coughed up the ball again last night, but keep running him the ball. In short: Let Ricky run, goddamn it.

That's the extent of my peerless sports analysis. The Dolphins look very strong going forward. Marshall and Dansby are difference makers. Expect a good ride.

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