The Fix, a New Website About Addiction and Recovery Profiles Florida

On Monday, the same day that the New York Times shocked the world and erected a paywall on their website, Maer Roshan, founder of the failed Radar Magazine, launched TheFix.com, "addiction and recovery, straight up." With everyone so indignant about paying for the Times, the free website went up almost unnoticed.

It's a daily site where you can find headlines such as "Finding the Perfect AA Meeting," or "Falling In Love With a Crack Addict." But it's still a news site and would be incomplete without some kind of Islam-related story, so they give you "Mullahs Vs. Drug Fiends."

"I have no desire to create an earnest, pastel-hued website with spiritual stories and daily meditations," Roshan told Women's Wear Daily. In that journalistic spirit, The Fix covered our pill mill problem with, "Florida Everglazed." 

The piece, however, offers nothing new for anyone remotely informed on the subject. It provides a sad summarization of local headlines and might even entice an addict to come to Florida.

Packed with phony "pain clinics," and famous for lax enforcement Florida prescribes ten times more Oxycodone pills than all other states combined. Storefront pain clinics market pain pills by the truckload on thousands of gray-market internet sites, while lines of zonked-out customers wait outside the clinics in the morning.

Luckily, if any addicts feel inspired to visit Florida after reading the piece, they can scroll to the Rehab Review section and scope out The Hanley Center, located in Palm Beach. Moderately priced at $24,600, the four-star rehab once hosted Daryl Strawberry and Florida's own former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley.

If you're looking for a rehab under $10,000, you wont find it. The Fix can't fix your money woes. But at least they've got Charlie Sheen and Alcoholic Monkeys.   

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