The Flier That Got Al Capellini in Hot Water

That's the campaign flier (click to enlarge) that Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini's operatives circulated in Century Village, the retirement community with some 30,000 condos that collectively may decide the city's mayoral campaign. As you can see, the oxymoron "Mayor Capellini" appears in almost every single line. Capellini is not the mayor. He hasn't been since he was hit with felony corruption charges and was suspended by Gov. Charlie Crist. The current mayor is Sylvia Poitier.

Bernie Parness, the president of the Deerfield Beach Democratic Club has filed a complaint against Capellini, on the grounds that his campaign literature is misleading. He says that the newly created Broward Ethics Commission ordered Capellini to stop treating his campaign like a reelection, but that appears to be the only punishment. Parness had hoped for more. He says, "It is unethical. It is a lie. It is misleading."

That should be a hot topic for discussion on the Deerfield Advocate, the city's fiercest political blog, right? Wrong. The Advocate is too busy seething after the Sun-Sentinel issued its endorsements in the city elections, one of which went to incumbent Commissioner Martin "Marty" Popelsky, a foe of Capellini, whose own transgressions tend to be treated with forbearance.

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