The Friends of Alan Mendelsohn

Alan Mendelsohn -- the convicted government scam artist as well as a former Hollywood ophthalmologist, GOP fundraiser, lobbyist, and adviser to former Gov. Charlie Crist -- has a lot of friends.

Mendelsohn was sentenced to four years in prisons after he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge alleging he was scheming to bilk the U.S. government -- trying to hide $82,000 in political donations secretly given to former State Sen. Mandy Dawson and lying to federal agents -- which came about due to his scandal-laden ties to Ponzi schemer Joel Steinger.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 104 people went to bat for Mendelsohn before his sentencing -- not including the letters from family and patients -- providing relationship character letters that were submitted to U.S. District Judge William Zloch.

Many asked for the judge to spare Mendelsohn from prison, while five blamed the press for Mendelsohn's conviction, two said it wasn't his fault, and several said they weren't even familiar with the case.

A good portion of the character letters were from other medical professionals. Others say they are active in political circles, while others are teachers and Rabbis.

Below are the names of the 104 people who wrote the relationship character letters that were submitted by Mendelsohn's attorney:

  • Jay Adler
  • Ruby J. Allman
  • Karl Altenbruger
  • Anais Balbin
  • Robert O. Baratta
  • Earl Barron
  • Rabbi Yerucham "Jerome" Bensinger
  • Carlos Buznego
  • Alejandro Chediak
  • Cherie Cook
  • Barbara Coplowitz
  • Karla Y. Cornileus
  • Brenda Consenza
  • Michael D. Cusick
  • Judith Dach
  • Rabbi Edward Davis
  • Lorry S. Davis
  • David K. Dennis
  • Jay Dennis
  • Joel Dennis
  • Karen S. Dennis
  • Kevin D. Dennis
  • Michael G. Dennis
  • Pauline S. Dennis
  • Sheryl Dennis
  • Aliza Dissen
  • Chaim Dissen
  • Carl Drucker
  • Neal P. Dunn
  • David A. Epstein
  • Gil Epstein
  • Walter M. Fingerer
  • Donald F. Foy
  • Morton Fridman
  • Nicole Fry
  • Ira Ginsberg
  • Miriam Ginsberg
  • Lorraine Glass
  • Emanuel Goodman
  • Myrtle Grant
  • Barney Greenberg
  • Lawrence Halperin
  • Particia Handler
  • Jubran A. Hoche
  • Leonard J. Hoenig
  • Gerald M. Hoffman
  • Scott L. Hopes
  • Joanne F. Jablonski
  • Anthony Jaswinski
  • Delain Joyce
  • Monica Joyce
  • Rachel Kaplan
  • John N. Katopodis
  • William J. Knauer III
  • Theodore Koerner III
  • Myles K. Krieger
  • Ana Gonzalez-Labarga
  • Michael Levine
  • Susan Lis
  • Miguel A. Machado
  • Veronica Puccio Margrone
  • Tyler McKeon
  • Karina Mezzasalma
  • Mark Michels
  • Emanuel Newmark
  • Tap A. Nguyen
  • William Nitzberg
  • Ralph J. Nobo Jr.
  • Cynthia S. Peterson
  • Donna Ramsey
  • Rabbi Nathan Riesel
  • Wayne Riskin
  • Seymour Rosen
  • Alan Routman
  • J. James Rowsey
  • Laurie Nitzberg Sabra
  • Hugo R. Salcedo
  • Chander Samy
  • Shelly San Solo
  • Shante Sandy
  • Gary Schemmer
  • Gerold L. Schiebler
  • Michael I. Schwartz
  • Gordon Schwenk
  • Manuel Silverblatt
  • Sandra Silverblatt
  • Elaine Sinyor
  • Abbey Shepard-Smith
  • Don Sokolik
  • David L. Sugerman
  • Dottie Suiters
  • David Tepper
  • Patsy Thiele
  • W. Scott Thompson
  • Henry L. Trattler
  • Roberto Warman
  • Steven R. West
  • Timothy R. Wilson
  • Frederick Wittlin
  • Moshe Yalon
  • Andrew Zighelboim
  • Sandra Zimmerman
  • John Valdis Zudans

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