Michael "Corleone" Giulianti

The Godmother's Other Son

To help you get through the day I thought I'd share this with you. It's from a bullet hole-and-firearm-adorn web site for the "Outlaw Legal Group" in Los Angeles which is run by Michael Giulianti, one of the illustrious sons of Mara Giulianti, our very own mayor of Hollywood.

The Outlaw group is, apparently, Giulianti's mercenary law business that's hellbent on helping the world's most low-down characters in their battles with authorities. I know that sounds like a regular criminal defense firm, but this is different. As Giulianti puts it on the site, Outlaw Legal Group is "solo practitioner Mr. Michael Giulianti and a 'network' of 'fierce guns on deck,' around the country, for whom Mr. Giulianti will call on when a 'clean-up' hitter is ideal."

It sounds rather unsavory, what with all those ominous quotation marks. But wait ... Giulianti does bolds and italics, too:

"Whether you're facing misdemeanor or felony charges, state or federal, our core concern is you, your well-being, and doing everything possible to secure the best possible outcome. No problem is too small or too complicated—In fact, from Murder to

Traffic Tickets our solution oriented, strategic 'checklist' approach is unique to the industry. Remember, a misdemeanor on your record, for example, could alter your life's path—the Right Attorney at the Right Price could very well save your life!"

It goes on and on this stuff, yet it apparently hasn't helped him get a good rating as a lawyer (oooh, all frowny faces!). Explore the site, there's so much more. And I've save the very best for last. Here's Giulianti's autobio, in which he references his mama, Mayor Mara:

While growing up, Mr. Giulianti was no different than most 'normal youths,' he loved skateboarding with his crew, was 'wearin' fat laces and spinning on his back', playing football and earning an all-county accolade for center, and of course, hustling to make pocket cash. Like most guys his age, he spent his time running with 'The Brotherz', falling in and out and back in love with his High School sweetheart (now wife), and of course, experienced the typical teenage 'run-ins' with the law! Thankfully for Mr. Giulianti, his teenage transgressions were settled without much further ado...But then, Mr. Giulianti was luckier than most teens; he grew up the son of the then and current Mayor of Hollywood, Florida--the Honorable Mara Giulianti.

"Fat laces and spinning on his back"? "The Brotherz"? Where does this guy get this stuff from? And what, I wonder, were those run-ins with the law that his mama got him out of? It doesn't stop there:

"It was these experiences that took place during his formative years that taught Mr. Giulianti a very important lesson: Although law and order are crucial to a civilized society, the legal system can often result in unfairness and can be abused by those in power."

Now if growing up in Mayor Giulianti's house doesn't teach you that, what will? Just look at all the crimes being committed by her friends at city hall and the police department.

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