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Some recommended reading in today's papers (sort of like an extended version of the ol' Story of the Day):

-- The Miami Herald's David Ovalle breaks the story on a coverup of a star football player's alleged sex crime by Northwest Miami Senior High. The school administrators look bad, but I have a bit of commentary: The football player, Antwain Easterling, had consensual sex with a 14-year-old girl in a bathroom after a game. He's being charged with statutory rape because he was 19. That seems to me a pretty thin "crime."

-- Andy Reid of the Sun-Sentinel writes about Palm Beach Commissioner Burt Aaronson's campaign for stem cell research which has raised more than $350,000. Sounds altruistic until you see that the brunt of the money is coming from developers looking for his vote and influence.

After the jump: Jim Mullin Back In The Game and More Murder In WPB

-- Joan Fleischman breaks a bit of media news in the Herald: Former Miami New Times editor Jim Mullin is buying the Biscayne Times. Terms weren't disclosed on the deal for the 25,000-circulation monthly. Said Mullin: ''Some people say I should have my head examined for investing in the newspaper business when the whole industry seems to be in decline. But in fact, many community papers like Biscayne Times, they're doing well.'' Pulp wishes Jim the best of luck in the venture which will surely enhance Miami's journalistic scene.

-- The Palm Beach Post's Kevin Deutsch reports that a teenager killed at a party was caught in crossfire. Yeah, it's so bad in Palm Beach County these days people are getting killed by people trying to kill other people. The kicker in the murder of Albert Keyes III, as written by Deutsch:

"According to records, witnesses told police that Ray "Raylo" Hartley, a producer of the Gangstas & Thugs DVD showing violent scenes in Palm Beach County, was filming at the party and videotaped the killing.

Witnesses told investigators Hartley trained his camera on Keyes after the shooting and yelled, 'That's what you get when you come into our neighborhood!' according to police records. Police contacted Hartley, who denied having video of the murder."

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