The Indoctrobamination, Day Two

As the subtle effects of Barack Hussein Obama's speech to our children -- our children, mind you -- slowly settled upon their impressionable minds, I decided to deprogram my 7-year-old as soon as she got home from school yesterday.

Broward County was ground zero for the presidential indoctrination, since Supt. Jim Notter made it mandatory that the kids watch the propaganda speech. We could do nothing, it seems, to stop this socialist monster from gaining some form of mind control over our boys and girls.

First I needed to know which parts of the speech she carried with her on a conscious level. I asked her to describe it, and this is what she told me: "He said it is very important to stay in school. And he said that his father left him when he was 2 and he really missed his father. He said his mother didn't have very much money so he couldn't go to school with other Americans and that he couldn't buy the things other kids could buy. It was very good."

From the mouths of babes. I was terrified Obama might have said something like, "I want to make sure that when you get sick, you get a doctor to help make you get well." That would have been an outrage.

You see, this whole health-care debate isn't really a political battle -- it's a moral issue. Health care for all is the right and just thing to do, which is why every other industrialized nation in the world has it. Letting someone linger ill or die because they can't afford insurance is pure evil, and something that should never happen in an advanced and civilized country. Bankrupting thousands of families over medical bills is just as outrageous and wrong and, yes, immoral. It's that simple.

Yet the GOP, which likes to think that it's denouncement of gays gives it a monopoly on morality, is on the warpath against it. They're so mad about it that they're running around screaming about nonexistent death panels and slugging people on the street. They're making all kinds of noise and using scare tactics to obscure the real issues and scare simple folk into going against it.

What follows is an interview between the right-wing standard-bearer, Fox News, and Notter that occurred yesterday.  


In the middle of the video, host Megyn Kelly, a perky little propagandist, asks Notter if he would have made the speech mandatory if it were President Bush addressing the school kids while he was pushing for the invasion of Iraq.

Talk about moral relativism. Fox is comparing making health care available to all Americans to a decision to kill hundreds of thousands of people in an unnecessary war. It really boils down the difference between the two presidents, doesn't it? 

Let's hope the kids listened yesterday. I'm glad mine did.  

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