The Juice Approves This Message... Whatever It May Be

Hey, Democratic donors of Florida! Guess how your political party has decided to spend some of your hard-earned donations? If you guessed "Buy a Florida billboard with which to cast aspersions at Rush Limbaugh," then you are psychic, or merely a reader of Wonkette.

Here is the Democratic Party web page where you are invited to unleash a Tourette's-ic flurry at the rotund pill-popper who has recently become the double-chinned face of the Republican Party.

One fly in the ointment: Seems the Democrats are buying a sign in West Palm Beach, or as Rush knows it, "that bourgeois cesspool where my helicopter ought never crash on its way from my Palm Beach mansion."

But who cares? This is about catharsis -- and it sure beats screaming at the radio. So start sloganizing, ye socialists and sodomites. If it's inspiration you lack, here's some recent Rush.

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