The Life and Times of One Plaxico A. Burress

That incident occurred on March 1 of this year, after Burress was pulled over in Pompano Beach.

Sadly, Burress is accused of being rude to another police officer -- this time a different Broward Sheriff's deputy -- when he was pulled over on the westbound side of I-595 less than a month later. On March 18, Burress was allegedly cutting off drivers and weaving through traffic just after 10:30 a.m. The deputy pulled over Burress' black Toyota Sequoia, opened the rear door, and ordered him out. Burress, who was still talking on his cell phone, allegedly told the deputy: "You can't do that. Fuck you!"

Keep in mind, Burress has reportedly balked at plea deals offered to him in the New York case and will go to court June 15 there. He's scheduled to appear in a Broward County court on the outstanding "careless driving" charges on June 24.

Interestingly, last week (before news of the Broward charges broke) The New York Times had a story on Burress' history of avoiding punishment -- usually because of his skills on a football field. The writer points to an interesting source on just how much Burress gets away with -- the confessions he makes in his own book. Among other things, Burress admits to sleeping through workouts and showing up to practice drunk.

Something tells me Plaxico Burress will be visiting jail (or a prison, if he's not so lucky) very soon. It'll be tough, but just think of how much time he'll have to work on his second book.

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